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Cornmeal Berry Muffins

As it’s getting colder outside I begin to crave baked goods, especially for breakfast with a cup of tea or coffee. These muffins have a lovely crumbly texture with a hint of sweetness from the berries and honey without being overwhelming. I love the subtle corn flavour. I used frozen mixed berries which had strawberry, […]

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Chickpea-Free Lemony Cannellini Bean Hummus

Since my nut allergy extends to other legumes such as soy and chickpeas, hummus has always been an off-limit food. But I absolutely love dips of any kind and in the past have turned to salsas and the aubergine-based smoky baba ghanoush instead. Until I realised that white bean hummus could actually be a thing. A […]

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Chocolate Cranberry Wholemeal Scones

In my opinion there’s only one thing that makes baked goods better: chocolate. Brownies, cakes, ice creams, sweets, pretty much anything that’s got chocolate is a favourite in my book.  Having a nut allergy and being a chocolate lover has its complications. There are so many chocolate brands out there that either contain nuts or […]

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Super Quick Pear and Cinnamon French Toast

French Toast isn’t something that I like to order in restaurants. There’s too many variables that could lead to cross-contamination with nuts, whether that be through the bread or one of the toppings.  When I see French Toast listed on a menu it’s usually accompanied by walnuts, Nutella or almonds. Even if there is a […]

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Spanish Frittata

I’ve never been a big fan of quiche. I couldn’t decide if I should eat it hot or cold and always found it to be a bit bland with bits of bacon and cheese. But then I tried a Spanish omelette which isn’t quite the same but has the basic foundations for a quiche and […]

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Fifteens – A Northern Irish Traybake

I had never heard of fifteens before I came to Northern Ireland and much less eaten anything like them before. In fact, the whole concept of traybakes was a revelation.  The word ‘traybake’ conjured up images of something maybe like a brownie or lemon square. Little did I know how many varieties were out there. […]


Vegan Chocolate Orange Cupcakes

As a child I used to be able to eat a Terry’s Chocolate Orange. I was quite small so my memory is sketchy at best but perhaps it was another brand without the allergen label. Anyway, I remember breaking apart the chocolate from the foil into a shape like a citrus wedge. The rich chocolate […]

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Vegan Extra Fluffy Blueberry Muffins

I always prefer to make the vegan version of a baked recipe if I can. Trying to cut out dairy is difficult when you have multiple different food allergies that are centered around nuts and legumes. Sometimes when I try a new vegan recipe I’m incredibly disappointed by the results. It might be that the […]


Rainbow Honey Halloumi Harissa Salad

Sometimes I’m experimenting in the kitchen and come across a recipe that I know I’ll be making over and over again. I set out to make something with halloumi because it’s one of my favourite things to cook with. When you’re allergic to tofu there aren’t very many meat-free alternatives that aren’t made of soy […]